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Jon & Laurie Irons

Missionaries Serving with Youth With a Mission ​Tyler, Texas

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About Us

With 35+ years experience serving in Youth With A ​Mission, we have trained and released many people, ​like ourselves into areas of the world the Lord has ​directed them to.

Through discipleship, training, mobilization and ​sustaining efforts this generation is communicating the ​love of Jesus every where they go.

One of areas of preparation we see of importance for ​this International community of believers is giving them ​the understanding of the English language. This helps ​them communicate at a more universal level in the ​market place. Whether we are online or in person, we ​see that many people today have a desire to speak and ​comprehend English as a needed language to know. ​May this provided tool lead to conversations that bring ​people to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus ​Christ.

We have seen many foreigners from all parts of the ​world, especially from South Korea, come to learn ​English as well as become fellow missionaries, like ​ourselves, who desire to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Family

We have been blessed with four ​adopted children, from three different ​nations. All learning to share their lives ​with each other and have families of ​their own.

We are a blended family, all learning ​to live life together. We can say the ​road has not been easy but by the ​grace of God, we have had to push ​through our differences and been able ​to overcome lifes obstacles. Especially ​pray for the seven grandchildren, ​whose lives are so precious.

Life is a gift from God

God’s perfect timing is always best when we obey him and do what He ​has asked us to do. The LDC was more than we could have ever expected. ​The greatest takeaway for me (Jonathan) was the personal transformation ​of my heart towards my relationship with God and man.

For Me (Laurie) it was a blessing to have 6 weeks set apart to process ​what we were hearing, evaluate our seasons here at YWAM and let the ​Holy Spirit highlight things to let go of, areas to develop for now, and the ​future. Having the time to go deeper in understanding how I am wired in ​temperament, and how others are as well was so helpful in working ​together and benefitting as a team as we work together!

Did you know?

53 % of the Generation Z culture (those born between 1997-2012) see themselves as ​being missionaries as a vocation.

Those outside of Gen Z, only 20 - 30% will share their faith in their lifetime.

80% of Gen Z have shared their faith this past month.

Up Coming Schedule

There is always opportunities to teach English to those who need some extra help!

The next Communication and ​Culture Course begins this Fall o​f 2024!

We are also involved with our Spring and Fall training sessions for our onboarding new staff!

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19263 FM 16 W.

Lindale, TX 75771

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903-520-2686 - Jon

903-363-3699 - Laurie

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YWAM Tyler Accounting, c/o Jonathan & Laurie Irons, P.O. Box 3000, Lindale, TX 75771

As volunteer staff with YWAM, we deeply appreciate all our friends and family who desire to support, pray and ​care for us in our journey to make Jesus known to our world.

“God doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called!”

Letters and Packages

We love getting cards, coffee, and care packages from our friends around the world. Thank you for loving us so ​well.

Financial Support

Here are several convenient ways for you to give financially:

Your contributions are tax-deductible. Make checks out to YWAM. Do not put our names anywhere on the check. ​Include a separate note with our names on it, designating the gift.

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